Welcome to Plateau Cattle Company – home to happy cattle, horses and working cattle dogs, big blue skies, lush native grasses and quiet country roads – and that’s just the office.


Raised on native grassland and mountain range, in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, in SW Alberta, Plateau Cattle Co., is named after the mountain that our third generation cow calf operation calls home. We prides ourselves in the care and commitment to the cattle we raise and the land that they graze.

Grass fed on over 80,000 acres of open mountain pasture, and carefully finished locally, with locally grown hay and grains, Plateau beef is world-class. The result? Excellence in grade, taste and quality.

Using a combination of tradition and technology that supports the best in animal handling, care and environmental stewardship, Plateau attributes our world-class beef to the high performance Black Angus cattle that are carefully selected (through genetic testing) and bred to handle the Alberta climate and delivering robust high grade beef quality.

Steeped in tradition, our ranch believes in using horses and low-stress handling practices to care for and manage our cattle. Tradition is important to us, but technology plays a role too and we are always in pursuit of new, more efficient ways to improve our operation and ultimately the land and environment in which we raise our cattle.  After all, we aren’t just ranching for today — we are ranching for tomorrow.