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At Plateau Cattle Company, our cattle are grass-fed on native prairie and mountain grassland.



Life on the range can be tough. Our cattle need to be strong enough to withstand the extreme temperatures in this part of Alberta, and athletic enough to roam and graze in the mountainous terrain. Thanks to the hardiness of  our Black Angus breeding program our cattle not only survive what Mother Nature throws at them but thrive.


During the summer months, our cattle roam free, grazing on more than 80,000 acres of grassland. These native pastures are in the shadow of Plateau Mountain, our ranch’s namesake and the range we see from our ranch house.


In early-fall and winter, we bring our herd closer to home and care for them in preparation for spring calving. 


While our cattle are fed on native grassland throughout the summer grazing season, we work hard during the short summer growing season to produce and harvest our home-grown hay to carry them through the long winter months.

Every decision reflects our commitment to the care and compassion of the cattle we raise and stewardship of the land that we ranch.

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