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At Plateau Cattle Company, our decisions are always driven by what is best for our land and our cattle. We believe not only that sustainable is attainable, but that it is critical to our legacy and the future of global food production.



Here are some of the ways we strive for a sustainable future at Plateau Cattle Company.

  • We minimize transportation and use horses, whenever possible when handling our cattle, to promote stress-free handling

  • Our cattle freely roam on our vast home range and mountain pastures helping us manage and steward the land while offering them a life of wide open spaces. 

  • We utilize invest in technology on and off the field to best support the health and well-being of our cattle and our operation. It allows us to provide the best care possible and superior herd health management and traceability

  • We work with industry leaders and mentors to implement new and constant improvements to our handling and herd health protocols

  • Through genetic analysis and DNA testing, we incorporate a breeding program that maximizes a strong and healthy maternal herd that produces soundness, exceptional meat quality and feeding efficiencies

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