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We believe consumers and chefs are looking for food products they can feel good about serving and eating.

Raised on native mountain pastures, our grass-fed beef delivers exceptional taste and quality, grading AAA and Prime.

We raise Black Angus cattle because they provide beef with excellent marbling – those fissures of fat that give meat a wonderful flavor and tenderness and provide top-quality nutrition. These qualities not only enhance the taste of your steak or roast, but also keep the meat moist during cooking, and all the way to the dinner table.


At Plateau Cattle Company, it’s important to us to offer a product that is healthy for consumers, and we know our beef is. As part of a balanced diet, today’s lean beef is a great source of protein and contains 14 essential nutrients including vitamin B12 and B6, iron, zinc, selenium, niacin and phosphorus.


Our grass fed beef has a high percentage of Omega-3 fatty acids. About half the fat in beef is unsaturated, the heatlhy kind of fat that’s in olive oil. As a protein source, beef is nutrient dense and a very healthy choice.

We are proud to supply chefs, butchers and consumers with what we believe is some of the best beef in the world – meat with a true Alberta flavour.


We thank the chefs and retailers who support us – and the consumers who choose to put our beef on their table. Because of you, we continue to live the life we love. In return, you can be sure that the world-class Plateau Cattle Company beef you serve and enjoy is raised with care and compassion for the land and the animals. That’s our promise.


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